Insufficient levels of insulation significantly impacts budget and comfort in numerous homes throughout Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.  United Air Control is here to help.  We provide quick, cost-effective, and non-invasive service, effectively combating wasted energy and excessive monthly utility bills.  Simply give us a call at 847-850-8171, and our fully licensed, insured, and qualified specialists will inspect the level and integrity of your insulation.  A minimum insulation rating of R38 is recommended for adequate protection, adding up to approximately 12 to 18 inches of fiberglass batting or brown cellulose fiber insulation

Attic Insulation from a Professional

United Air Control personalizes our approach, targeting your specific situation with quality materials, proven procedures, and a sustainable solution.  Our technicians will check for insufficient levels, damage to existing insulation, and determine if your attic should be sealed to create an airtight barrier.  Proper sealing prevents outside air from entering your living space, lessening the workload of HVAC equipment, and minimizing costs of conditioning.  We recommend blown cellulose fiber insulation as an environmentally responsible and more advantageous option than conventional fiberglass insulation.  Made from recycled materials, blown cellulose fiber insulation effectively fills and seals crevices, corners, and difficult to access areas.

Enjoy a more comfortable home with our attic insulation services!

Call on United Air Control, and take advantage of our 100% Work Guarantee across Buffalo Grove, Long Grove, Wheeling, Lincolnshire, Riverwoods, IL & more.  We create healthier, more efficient, and comfortable homes through top grade materials and conscientious job performance.  Rest assured, your project will be handled quickly and with care, minimizing intrusion into your home and maximizing rewards.  United Air Control is the right choice for attic insulation installation, bringing you results you can trust.