Regular Air Duct Cleaning from United Air Control delivers ongoing benefits.  We combat the harmful contaminants that build up inside your air ducts over a period of time. Pollutants such as dust mites, tobacco smoke, mold, chemicals, bacteria, animal dander, and more, can be circulated throughout your home or office and negatively impact health and comfort.  With regular duct cleaning from the trained professionals from United Air Control, you’ll enjoy a cleaner home, prevention of odors, enhanced air quality, greater HVAC efficiency and reliability, extended equipment longevity, and more consistent comfort.  We provide the skilled service that ensures results without damage to your essential duct system.  Contact United Air Control at 847-850-8171 for duct cleaning across Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

How Much Does It Cost?

Advanced Duct Cleaning Service

Whole House Advanced Duct Cleaning – $599 (per furnace) – from United Air Control is the key to complete peace of mind.  The NADCA and EPA recommend comprehensive system cleaning every three years.  The highly trained professionals from United Air Control handle the cleaning of all supply vents, all return vents, and main trunk lines.  We utilize leading-edge viper clean sweep high pressure systems in combination with industrial grade gas powered negative pressure vacuum to deliver optimum rewards. For Advanced Duct cleaning, an access point is created in both supply and return ducts, which will be conscientiously sealed after completion of the job to the NADCA standard.  Let United Air Control protect the performance of your HVAC system, and comfort and cleanliness of your home or office, with proficient duct cleaning services.

Annual Duct Cleaning Service

United Air Control provides Whole House Annual Cleaning – $290 (per furnace) – throughout Buffalo Grove, Long Grove, Wheeling, Lincolnshire, Riverwoods, IL & more.  With convenient appointment times and quick turnaround on all projects, we protect against the consequences of a contaminated duct systems.  There’s no mess, damage, or debris left behind, and you’ll enjoy a healthier supply of breathing air and greater comfort.  For those who suffer from allergies, asthma, or dust sensitivities, yearly cleaning is highly recommended.  If you’ve recently completed home or office renovations, have pets, or if someone in the household smokes, proficient cleaning promotes optimum performance from your HVAC system and protects your indoor air quality.   We utilize state-of-the-art dust blowing equipment in combination with industrial grade gas powered negative pressure vacuum to effectively clean all supply vents and all return vents.